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Why Build Energy Efficient?

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Energy Efficient House Design

An energy efficient home is designed to provide shade and allow cooling breezes in summer, while taking advantage of the suns warmth in winter.

In climate areas where air conditioning and heating are necessary, energy efficient home design can greatly reduce cooling and heating costs.

Internal layout of rooms, doorways and windows should be considered when planning for cross ventilation. This allows unhindered flow of natural breezes to provide a cooling effect in hot, humid climates
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Energy Efficient Hot Water System

A solar hot water system can reduce your energy consumption by around 30% and save up to 80% on water heating bills.

Using low flow shower roses, water efficient appliances and insulating hot water pipes substantially reduces water and energy use.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The layout and type of light fittings you use in your home will improve light quality and lower your energy costs. Diffused lighting is good for general lighting purposes as it provides a better distribution of light with less shadowing and glare.

Fluorescent lamps give five times the light output and last up to eight times longer than incandescent lamps. The use of sensors, time switches, dimmers and two-way switching are effective methods of reducing lighting energy costs


LED lighting may have a higher up front cost but they provide the most energy efficient lighting available - It is also now possible to get dimmer LED lights.

The Sun's Path

The sun takes different paths during summer and winter. Shading north and south facing windows in summer, but allowing the sun in during winter, can be easily achieved by using the correct width eaves.


Installing insulation can be the most effective way to improve your homes comfort level throughout the year. Insulation reduces the amount of energy needed to maintain comfort.

Air Leaks

Reducing unwanted draughts by sealing air leaks reduces winter heating requirements and prevents hot, dry and dusty air from entering during summer.    
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