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Energy Efficient Construction - Insulliving

Scope Construction specialises in Energy efficient building. We are the first Brisbane based company to be trained in the use of a highly energy efficient product called insulliving.

The components of an insulliving panel are essentially the same as the panels that are used to construct Cold rooms. The only difference is they are geared around residential construction.

The panels have excellent insulating properties that allow a house to maintain a consistent temperature. This allows for energy savings over the entire lifespan of the house.

Energy efficient construction is the future of building in Australia as each year. More incentives are introduced and more emphasis is placed on the environment.
Smarter Building
Smart lnsulwall walling system replacing frames, brick, plasterboard, insulation.
Smart SolarSpan roofing system - replacing trusses, roof sheets, ceiling, insulation.
Panels interlock easily to form a complete thermally efficient shell.
Fully engineered, certified and compliant with the Building Code of Australia.
Simplified and improved building process.
Product development from credible Australian companies Bondor, BlueScope, Dulux Acratex.
Smarter Building
Significantly exceeds current Energy Ratings.
Reduced environmental impact in manufacture, delivery, build and residency.
Achieve Zero & Positive Energy housing communities.
Fully reusable, recyclable and non-toxic building materials.
Scope Construction
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